Steel strapping seals

CEO greetings

By Daedong steel industry corporation

Daedong steel industry Co. have devoted to an activation of domestic distribution industry through systematic and professional processes for production of packing and clamping components, and are offering various clamping components which remarkably improved the convenience and clamping force for packing and clamping the semi-and final finished goods, as well as raw materials.

In particular, we can propose the serrated type seal which enhanced the production quality through improvement and reinforcement of our facilities. Up to now, we had exported the serrated type, megazine(Nestack) type and various metal seals with sensor plate for elevetor system, to 15 countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Tailand, etc. Also, in the near future, we have a plan to open up a new market for USA, Australia and New zealand. For any informations on supply and correspondence, we will listen attentively your request and promise to provide satisfactory solutions to you and your company.

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